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Port Scrabble Club (Yokohama)I♥
Monthly Meeting(So far total of 141 friends joined.)

At: CAFE SNOWGOOSE Tel: 045-564-7222
Address: 2-7-12, Hiyoshi, Kouhoku-Ku, Yokohama, Japan
Charge: 600 yen (incl. a coffee or tea), 1000 yen for Xmas Event

Special Meeting, Sunday December 19, 2004
Time: 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Dear Friends,
Port Scrabble Club Yokohama holds Christmas Event on December 19, 2004.

How have you been these days?
This morning it was extremely windy in Kanto Area and in the afternoon it was pretty warm like the spring(25C).
The year 2004 saw a lot of newsworthy good and bad events. In the meanwhile, we, PSC, tried our best to have new members and to improve the Scrabble skills, spending joyful afternoon together at cafe. It is almost two years since PSC held the first meeting in January, 2003.
We hope that a lot of people will come to enjoy 3 Games (1:00-4:30pm) and Christmas Party (4:30-7:00pm). We would appreciate it if you could give us some ideas about events we want to do next year: Maybe we play Scrabble in the sun in Yamashita Park, on the ship or somewhere new in Kawasaki City.
All the best,
KC Hirai

Next Regular Monthly Meeting: January 16, 2005

7th World Scrabble Championship 2003 (Malaysia) was great. And people in Japan have fun playing Scrabble!
Exciting SCRABBLE GAME, January 18, 2004.
GAME PLAYED IN Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi JAPAN

She played very well!

01 M E
02 T P A
03 C O L O U R S
04 D H E Y B H
05 A B I N A N E N A I
06 G O T A W A X I N
07 N P I E D G O
08 E S Q U i R E S F W
09 T S I L
10 J A G Z I T I N
11 Y A O F I L E D
12 E L O V A T I M E R s
13 U R V R E
14 R E E
15 C O O K

Linda-san vs. KC Hirai [rack]

QUiRE(d8across) 46 ***** | STAYER (c8down) 34 [AAERSTY]
JAG(b10a) 27/73 ***** | GAL (d10d) 15/49 [ALLONUR]
CHEAPEST(h3d) 69/142 *** | COLOUR(h8a) 18/67 [ALOONUR]
LYNX(j3d) 30/172 ******* | BONE(b5d) 23/90 [ABEONNS]
ZIT(f10a) 32/204 ****** | AI(k5d) 17/107 [ABIINTS]
LYNXES(j3d) 16/220 **** | PUB(l2d) 14/121 [BINPSTW]
INANE(d5a) 10/230 ***** | TAW(d6a) 31/152 [AINNSTW]
PIED(h7a) 12/242 ****** | ASHING (n2d) 33/185 [AGHINNS]
ME(n1a) 25/267 *** | IF(i10d) 18/203 [EFIIMNR]
FILED(i11a) 18/285 ****** | TIMER(j12a) 29/232 [EIMNRRT]
OWL(o7d) 21/306 ****** | FINDER(m8d) 22/254 [CFGINRR]
sEEK(o12d) 28/334 ***** | DAG(a4d) 14/268 [ACDGOOR]
ZOO(f10d) 12/346 ***** | COOK(l15a) 13/281 [ACOORUV]
TOE(i2d) 12/358 ****** | OVA(f12d) 7/288 [ARUV]
LIVE(k11d) 7/365 ****** | UR(b13d) # 6/294
...DTU unplayed ********* | +8/302
Final Score 365 ******* | 302

National Scrabble Championship (NSC Japan) Final held in Kyoto on July 20, 2003.
Round robin 7 plus 1 KOH format. In 8th round, Kuroda-san and Hirai-san played for the national title. Hirai won against Kuroda-san by 400-396, very close game. Five straight NSC gold for Hirai since 1999.
Kuroda-san(4th Appearance at WSC) and Hirai(3rd Appearance) played Scrabble games in WSC 2003 in Malaysia as two Japanese reps.

World Scrabble Championship, Oct. 19-24, 2003 (Crea-kc's Page) - Reports Updated -
World Scrabble Championship 2003 (Official Page)

Tokyo Scrabble Club ! ♣
Meeting on Mondays, 3rd Saturday, Official Homepage since 2003
Kichijoji Cup Scrabble Tournament Results 2004

Hope to meet as many Scrabble Players in Japan,
who enjoy games in many different ways!
If you live in Tokyo/Kanagawa Area, shall we play Scrabble?
PortTimes PortHeadline
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World Scrabble Championship December, 2001 in Las Vegas. 88 players of about 30 nations competed for the total prize money of 50,000 dollars.
In more than 40 countries, people of all ages have fun in playing Scrabble Game, English(& other languages) crossword game, which was created in 1948.

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Word A Page: EVONYMUS $ euonymus -es small tree
The target number of accesses is 33000 by August 31, 2004.

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Scrabble is a board game of filling the 15-by-15 board with words in the way of creating crossword-puzzle-like word-chains with 7 tiles randomly taken out from a bag of 100 alphabet tiles.
Crossword Puzzle Game enhances your Thinking Abilities!
National Scrabble Championship (Japan) is held every year.
Though in Japan, Scrabble Game has a little popularity. It is worldly well-known, esp. in English-Spoken countries.
Wish Ministry of Science Technology and Education may support Scrabble Game in terms of English education in Japan. For example, in Thailand, students have fun learning English, which is supported by the royal family and the whole nation.

2003 National Scrabble Championship
Results & Report by Tokyo Scrabble Club
Tournament Rules, TSC
Kc Hirai's Personal Review of NSC 2002 Tournament (update Dec 8)
Kc Hirai's Message 'Crossword Game Has Expanded The World of A Player'

Kc Hirai Featured in Scrabble INTERVIEW on October Issue of Tokyo-Scene
Distributed in Tokyo Area like HMV, Virgin, Tower Records, Pubs, etc

- Around 1929, Alfred Butts (USA) created the prototype of Scrabble Game. Since 1948 Scrabble Games are commercially available.
- Recently, it is said that 2 million game sets are sold annually. One out of three American(Canadian) households has a Scrabble Game set.
- In these countries, 35 million people enjoy playing Scrabble. There are over 10,000 tournament players who belong to one of about 300 clubs.
- Their orgainzation, National Scrabble Association, is headquartered in Greenport, New York.
- World Scrabble Championship(WSC) is held every second year since 1991. The 7th WSC is to be held in 2003 autumn, maybe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Two Japanese players will take part.
- How is "AKMNOOOT" be anagrammatized? ............... TOKONOMA n pl. -S a small alcove in a Japanese house
Another quiz : what about AACCEENT ? The answer is somewhere below.

When I first saw this board game, it looked noble and exotic. I wondered whether the board could be filled nicely and beautifuly with those alphabet tiles.
But as I used to it, it is amazing that I can score many points with comparatively longer words.

In 2003, the song called 'COLORS' by Utada Hikaru was a big hit in Japan. She will make a debut in USA in 2004, and we all believe she will be a megastar.

I believe Scrabble Game will become popular (attracting total of a few thousands players to the clubs nationwide, which is 3 or 4 times more than the current number of players.) here in Japan in a year or so.
By the end of 2007, hoping to find and train the young Scrabble player who will represent Japan in WSC. By the end of 2013, I'm determined (strongly hope) to make a player of Japan win the World Scrabble Championship.
:) Junsei Kunieda

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